Welcome to Aqua Supply Co.

I'm sure you're probably thinking who the heck is Aqua Supply Co. and what are they all about? Well, here's your answer!

Welcome to Aqua Supply Co. where our love for the water fuels everything we do, literally everything! Our marine-based company was founded in 2021 at our home away from home, Lake Cumberland. We had a simple goal: make life on the water even better. What started as an idea between a couple of boaters seeking new adventures, quickly evolved into a mission to provide top-notch apparel, marine accessories, and our line of marine detail products, AquaClean, to those who share our passion for boating and life on the water. Aqua Supply Co. is more than just a brand for water enthusiasts, we believe that life should be lived to the fullest, and we are proud to foster a community of like-minded individuals who embrace this mindset. Dive in to learn more about how we plan to make life on the water better and about our first (many more to come) big product launch, AquaClean!

AquaClean - Innovated Marine Detail Products:

When it comes to maintaining the shine and protection of your watercraft, AquaClean is the undeniable hero in the industry. Launched in November of 2022, AquaClean, Aqua Supply Co.'s remarkable line of marine detailing products, offers a comprehensive range of solutions that ensure every inch of your vessel is treated with the care it deserves! Check out our extensive product lineup below:

  1. WIPEDOWN: Your new go-to ceramic quick detail spray

  2. APC: All-purpose cleaner formulated to tackle tough dirt and grime

  3. INTERIOR: Condition, protect, and leave your interior shining with no oily residue

  4. PROTECT: Ceramic spray coating designed to protect your surfaces

  5. FOAM: High-quality soap to clean all of your toys

  6. ERASER: Designed to remove stubborn water spots, stains, and rust with ease

  7. CLEAR: Glass cleaner designed to leave your glass clean and protected

  8. METAL: High-performance polish designed for cleaning and restoring metal surfaces

  9. SPRAY WAX: Easy-to-use alternative to paste wax

To learn more or purchase these products simply click here or click the product name to shop the specific product.

Eco-Friendly & Water Conscious:

We understand that our passion for the water comes with the responsibility to protect it. Aqua Supply Co. is deeply committed to eco-conscious practices. We strive to ensure our products contribute positively to preserving our precious water environments. Additionally, we actively support water conservation efforts, giving back to the very source of our inspiration.

AquaTeam - The Aqua Supply Co. Community:

At Aqua Supply Co., we cherish the bonds formed through our shared love for the water. Our community is a place where water enthusiasts connect, share stories, and inspire each other. From seasoned boaters and sailers to first-time boaters and kayakers, everyone is welcome aboard the AquaTeam!

What's To Come For Aqua Supply Co:

Aqua Supply Co. is on an unstoppable journey to revolutionize marine products! We are fully committed to delivering the most cutting-edge and innovative marine products to our beloved community. This fall, brace yourself for an exciting drop of new marine detail products that will take cleaning your boat to a new level.

But that's not all - 2024 will witness the grand unveiling of our much-anticipated apparel line! We have so much up our sleeve, and we're eager to share them with you! Stay tuned for an unforgettable experience that will redefine the way you do life on the water!

There You Have It!

We're not just a brand; we're a community of water enthusiasts, embracing life on the water to the fullest. Founded in 2021 at Lake Cumberland, our mission is to make life on the water even better for fellow boaters and water lovers. Enter AquaClean - our top-notch marine detailing products, ensuring your vessel receives top-notch care. From bow to stern, starboard to port, we've got you covered. And we're not just about products; we're about giving back. With eco-conscious practices and water stewardship, we protect our precious water environments.

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Join the AquaTeam, where water lovers connect, share stories, and inspire each other. Dive in and celebrate life on the water with Aqua Supply Co.!

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