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AquaClean ERASER Waterspot, Stain, and Rust Remover is an effective solution designed to remove stubborn water spots, stains, and rust from boats, vehicles, and RVs. With its powerful formula, it can dissolve mineral buildup and stains from surfaces such as paint, gel coat, fiberglass, and chrome. It's important to note that this product should not be used on bare metal. To maintain the appearance of your boat, vehicle, or RV, it's recommended to use a protectant such as WIPEDOWN, PROTECT, or SPRAY WAX after using ERASER. Using ERASER is easy - simply dispense the product onto a clean towel and rub it into the affected area. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse or wipe away. ERASER will help restore the appearance of your vehicles but don't forget to follow up with a protectant for long-lasting results.

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